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Investors can hedge against foreign currency risk by purchasing a currency put or call. Currency options are derivatives based on underlying currency pairs.
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In the last six months we have witnessed strong volatility in the global currency markets. Emerging markets currencies weakened aggressively against the U. Volatility in the currency markets is not just an issue for governments and investors, but also for companies involved in international business. Currency risk, also known as foreign exchange risk, refers to the risk of a potential loss stemming from exposure to fluctuations in currency exchange rates. For example, if you are a U. Hence, it is so important to implement an adequate currency risk hedging strategy , using financial derivatives, when you have operations overseas.

How to hedge forex positions

Having said that, it is not always easy to use the full range of possible hedging tools. However, they have the option to use commercial FX services instead. A currency options hedge is a technique used to protect against losses because of currency fluctuations. Currency traders, international banks, importers and exporters all use hedges to reduce risk. Hedging is essentially the practice of insuring a position.

Less Common Tools For Currency Hedging:

This technique is used in many markets and the currency market is no exception. People who have to exchange currencies at some time in the future use currency options hedges to protect themselves against swings in currency values.

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Heiden observes that short-term basis risk matters even to long-term investors, not only because they face regular reporting requirements, but because the biggest currency moves tend to happen very suddenly. At Insight, which also favours the optionality route, Francis makes much the same point. So investors arrive at a recognition that the two key problems they want to solve with hedging are: first, the avoidance of large losses from foreign currency weakening or domestic currency strengthening , which often happen very suddenly over short horizons; and second, a limit to, or at least stability in, the cash-flow demands that result when the opposite happens — or when nothing much happens at all.

For the first problem, as we have discussed, optionality seems like a good solution — it is short-term oriented and systematic.

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For the second, FX options seem, on the face of it, like a good instrument. An FX option offers exposure to the strengthening of your base currency without saddling you with the exposure to the weakening of your base currency that results in those unpredictable cash flows. In exchange, you pay an up-front premium determined by the implied volatility of the exchange rate. So the trade-off is ultimately between certainty around your cash flows and the cost of that certainty.

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Is it worth it? Neil Staines, head of trading at the ECU Group, which offers both return-seeking and currency-hedging programmes, cautions against following this efficient-markets critique unquestioningly. He points out that the longer the tenor of an FX option is, the more its valuation is driven by the interest-rate differentials in the currency pair, rather than the simple volatility of the exchange rate. If it is, the option can be incredibly cheap.

Currency Option

There are definitely situations where you can lock in better gains and cheaper optionality by using interest-rate differentials or the different volatilities in one tenor versus another — but assessing that is, by definition, quite a complex process. However, even if options structures of varying complexity can reduce the performance drag associated with cash-flow certainty to within acceptable limits, there remains a question even against that assumption of cash-flow certainty.

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The argument in favour of options is that once they are in place you know your costs. In addition, options can prove pretty inflexible should you need to change your hedge.

Is it possible to hedge using Forex Options?

An investor faces a choice between writing a corresponding option or entering into a negotiation with its counterparty to amend or close positions — probably at a punitive cost. So FX options themselves may not be the optimal way to implement optionality in an FX hedging programme. A number of managers choose, instead, to replicate option pay-offs using trend-following currency-forward strategies — increasing the hedge ratio once the base currency has entered an appreciating trend, and decreasing back towards the hedge ratio benchmark once it has entered a depreciating trend. Record and Insight hedge in this way, and a momentum strategy underlies the programme Berenberg runs for its clients, too.

Record splits the total potential hedge into 12 rather than five, and its 12 trigger points for hedging or de-hedging are set by implementing a new forward position each month at the prevailing spot rate.

This means that, at any one time, there are 12 different exchange rates acting as triggers for each currency pair the client wants to hedge.