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Intraday Trading require devising own strategy to make money in the stock market. Intraday Trading is a vast subject, and i can write hundred of posts on same, but this post will only discuss basic tips. My next post will be on how to shortlist stocks for Intraday Trading? It is the most difficult job in the stock market. Any error in judgement means huge losses. Also, remember that in the highly volatile market, the trend is short lived. It makes the job of stock selection more difficult.

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Sometimes, the stocks that i identify for short selling rise on the day of trade. Therefore, it is important to identify a definite trend in the stock to make money. This trend can be uptrend or downtrend. Intraday Trading based on weak trend may result in losses.

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There may be days when you will not find stocks with strong trend therefore simply back out from Intraday Trading. In short, you should not trade just for the sake of trading.

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As a golden rule, you should initiate Intraday Trading only if you identify stock with a strong trend. Some of the indicators that help you to determine stock trend are. I observed that initial mins of morning trade were highly volatile.

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Generally traders suggest trading after mins of early trade. I noted that in most of the stocks trend is established within 30 mins and no trade is left for the day. After initial turbulence, the prices stabilize and further movement is limited.

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In the case of stocks with a strong trend, a position can be taken within few mins and profits are more in such stocks. At the same time, it is very risky. A risk-free approach is to wait for mins before taking any position. In short, for Intraday Trading you should take a position within 30 mins of trade. Greed and fear play a crucial role in Intraday Trading. A paper profit is an unrealized profit from the trade. An intraday trader should know the entry and exit point. For this, it is imp to fix your gain and loss from a particular trade.

It is done so that overall trade for the day should be profitable.

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I explained this in my post, How to control your loss in the stock market?. There is overwhelming and unanimous opinion that Intraday Trading should not be initiated without a stop loss. The volatility is high near pivot point, resistance and support levels. I will discuss it in detail in my future posts. Initiating multiple trades during a trading session is suicidal. Your Instructor Nimish Sir. DAY 3 Available in days.

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