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MACOSCH is a HANDMADE brand inspired by high-standard luxury and exclusivity. We design for people who appreciate clothes tailored to their individuality and creativity.

Each of our handmade garments is a unique story that includes thorough craftsmanship and special skills at all stages of production from raw material to a ready item. 

As our brand policy we create and produce all our collections in the beautiful city of Barcelona. We believe this local production is an important source of economic growth that helps keep our traditions alive.  

 Our trade mark is named in honor of a Slavic goddess MACOSCH, protectress of women's work and women's destiny. This beautiful and majestic creature is the patroness of embroiderers, needle workers, spinners, and weavers. For centuries MACOSCH has been inspiring craft workers blessing their talents and skills. We believe that her spirit 'touches' each of our creations, turning them into something unique and even magical.

We have many years of experience in creating cozy and functional outwear of high-quality perfect style.

Our inspiration for making clothing by hand involves a process of creation defined by practical thinking and a constant dialogue and negotiation with the fabric

Each step in the handcrafted process reflects our passion for the most exclusive, which makes us a fabulous contemporary luxury brand.